About Me

Hey there, I’m Laura and I currently live in Berlin.  I have moved an awful lot in my life. I’ve travelled extensively and have a career doing something I enjoy. It’s a great privilege.

Back in 2002 I left my home town and headed to London. Three years later, I left as a History of Art graduate from University College London. This initial move from a small suburban town in the South West of England to one of the world’s megacities ignited my lust for new experiences and meeting new people from around the globe.

I’ve continued do this ever since, working in the digital creative industry in the UK, US, Australia and Germany. I’ve worked with many International brands over the years and have been lucky enough to meet some of the most talented, inspiring, proactive, friendly and fun people you could ever wish to meet. We’ve had some great results along the way.

With every single move I’ve made I’ve noticed both the positive and negative effects transition can have on your body and mind. I’ve learned how to capitalise on the right opportunities and deal with the challenges of constant adaptation.

I started my digital career in what we would now call a “start-up” but back in 2006 the word wasn’t so ubiquitous. I was hired by a very small web design company to manage their SEO clients, and diligently grew that part of the business by 50%. After another spell in a (pre-Smartphone) mobile start-up I headed into the world of Digital Agencies, working my way up to Group Account Director level, leading multi-channel digital campaigns for international brands such as Pret, MacMillan, Harvey Norman, Borders Books, English Heritage and Brittany Ferries. I now run the European Marketing team for 99designs, where I work closely with the start-up and freelancer community all over the globe.

I think what always attracted me to working with new technologies, techniques, start-ups and everyone’s favourite buzzword “disruptive business models” was the constant new-ness and fluidity; I’m driven by making something constant and sustainable (and profitable) from a period of initial growth, difference and uncertainty. I think I’m attracted to it because I’m somehow fascinated by change and adaptation.

Through this I have found that I’ve actually become rather good at handling change. Both personally and professionally.

So I thought I’d write about it.

I created this blog so I could share some of the more practical tips and advice I’ve compiled from my experiences of dealing with change, growing teams, the ever-changing digital landscape, working across timezones, constant travel and what I’ve learned from others on these topics too.